The Battle of Wilson's Creek, Missouri was fought on August 10, 1861.

Southern forces

Confederate Western army

Brigadier General Benjamin McCulloch


McCulloch's Brigade

Brigadier General Benjamin McCulloch

Colonel James M. McIntosh

Pearce's Brigade, Arkansas State Troops

Brigadier General N.B. Pearce

Missouri State Guard

Major General Sterling Price (wounded but remained in command)


2nd Division

Brigadier General James S. Rains

Division staff

Infantry Brigade

Colonel Richard H. Weightman (killed)

Colonel Jonathan Graves

Cavalry Brigade

Colonel James Cawthorn


3rd Division

Brigadier General Charles Clark

4th Division

Brigadier General William Y. Slack

6th Division

Brigadier General Monroe M. Parson

7th Division

Brigadier General James H. McBride

Union Army of the West

Brigadier General Nathaniel Lyon (killed)

Major Samuel D. Sturgis


Headquarters units

1st Brigade

Major Samuel D. Sturgis

2nd Brigade

Colonel Franz Sigel

3rd Brigade

Lieutenant Colonel George Andrews (wounded)

Captain Theodore Yates

4th Brigade

Colonel George W. Deitzler

Reserves left in Springfield during the battle