The Battle of Perryville, Kentucky was fought on October 8th, 1862.

Confederate Army of the Mississippi

General Braxton Bragg

Headquarters units


Right Wing

Major General Leonidas Polk

Cheatham's Division

Major General Benjamin F. Cheatham

Donelson's Brigade

Brigadier General Daniel S. Donelson

Stewart's Brigade

Brigadier General Alexander P. Stewart

Maney's Brigade

Brigadier General George Maney

Smith's Brigade

Brigadier General Preston Smith

Wharton's Cavalry Brigade

Colonel John A. Wharton

Left Wing

Major General William J. Hardee

Anderson's Division

Brigadier General J. Patton Anderson

Brown's Brigade

Brigadier General John C. Brown

Adam's Brigade

Brigadier General Daniel W. Adams

Powell's Brigade

Colonel Samuel Powell

Jones's Brigade

Colonel Thomas M. Jones

Buckner's Division

Major General Simon B. Buckner

Liddell's Brigade

Brigadier General St. John R. Liddell

Cleburne's Briade

Brigadier General Patrick R. Cleburne

Johnson's Brigade

Brigadier General Bushrod R. Johnson

Wood's Brigade

Brigadier General Sterling A.M. Wood (wounded)

Wheeler's Cavalry Brigade

Colonel Joseph Wheeler

Union Army of the Ohio

Major General Don Carlos Buell

Headquarters units

I Corps

Major General Alexander McD. McCook

3rd Division

Brigaider General Lovell H. Rousseau

9th Brigade

Colonel Leonard A. Harris

17th Brigade

Colonel William H. Lytle

28th Brigade

Colonel John C. Starkweather

Unattached units

10th Division

Brigadier General James S. Jackson (killed)

33rd Brigade

Brigadier General William R. Terrill (killed)

34th Brigade

Colonel George Webster (killed)

II Corps

Major General Thomas L. Crittenden

4th Division

Brigadier General William S. Smith

10th Brigade

Colonel William Grose

19th Brigade

Colonel William B. Hazen

22nd Brigade

Brigadier General Charles Cruft


5th Division

Brigaider General Horatio P. Van Cleve

11th Brigade

Colonel Samuel Beatty

14th Brigade

Colonel Pierce B. Hawkins

23rd Brigade

Colonel Stanley Matthews

6th Division

Brigadier General Thomas J. Wood

15th Brigade

Brigadier General Milo S. Hascall

20th Brigade

Colonel Charles G. Harker

21st Brigade

Colone Geogre D. Wagner

1st Cavalry Brigade

Colonel Edward D. McCook


III Corps

Brigadier General Charles C. Gilbert

1st Division

Brigaider General Albin Schoepf

1st Brigade

Colonel Moses B. Walker

2nd Brigade

Brigadier General Speed S. Fry

3rd Brigade

Brigadier General James B. Steedman


9th Division

Brigadier General Robert D. Mitchell

13th Brigade

Colonel Michael Goodin

31st Brigade

Colonel William P. Carlin

32nd Brigade

Colonel William W. Caldwell


11th Division

Brigadier General Philip H. Sheridan

35th Brigade

Lieutenant Colonel Bernard Laiboldt

36th Brigade

Colonel Daniel McCook

37th Brigade

Colonel Nicholas Greusel


3rd Cavalry Brigade

Briadier General Ebenezer Gay