The Battle of Pea Ride was fought from March 7th to March 8th, 1862 in northwestern Arkansas.

Confederate Army of the West

Major General Earl Van Dorn


McCulloch's Division

Brigadier General Benjamin McCulloch (killed)

Brigadier General James M. McIntosh (killed)

Colonel Elkanah Greer

Divisional staff

Hebert's Brigade

Colonel Louis Hebert (captured)

Colonel Evander McNair

McIntosh's Brigade

Brigadier General James M. McIntosh (killed)


Pike's Brigade

Brigadier General Albert J. Pike


Price's Command

Major General Sterlin Price (wounded but remained in command)


Headquarters units

Confederate Division

1st Brigade

Colonel Henry Little

2nd Brigade

Colonel William Y. Slack (killed)

Colone Thomas H. Rosser

2rd Brigade

Colonel Colton Greene

Missouri State Guard

2nd Division

Brigadier General Martin E. Green

3rd Division

Colonel John B. Clark, Jr.

5th Division

Colonel James P. Saunders

6th Division

Major D. Herndon Lindsay

7th Division

Brigadier General Daniel M. Frost

8th Division

Brigadier General James S. Rains

9th Division

Brigidier General James H. McBride

Union Army of the Southwest

Brigadier General Samuel Curtis

Army staff

Headquarters units

First and Second Divisions

Brigadier General Franz Sigel

First Division

Colonel Peter J. Osterhaus

1st Brigade

Colonel Peter J. Osterhaus

2nd Brigade

Colonel Nicholas Greusel


Second Division

Brigadier General Alexander S. Asboth (wounded but remained in command)

1st Brigade

Colonel Frederick Schaefer



Third Division

Colonel Jefferson C. Davis

1st Brigade

Colonel Thomas Pattison

2nd Brigade

Colonel Julius White


Fourth Division

Colonel Eugene A. Carr (wounded)


1st Brigade

Colonel Grenville M. Dodge (wounded but remained in command)

2nd Brigade

Colonel William Vandever

On detached service in Missouri and Kansas

Conrad's expedition

Major Joseph Conrad, 3rd Missouri Infantry