The Battle of Bentonville, North Carolina was fought from March 19th to 21st, 1865.

Army of the South

General Joseph Johnston

Army of Tennessee

Lieutenant General Alexander P. Stewart

Cheatham's Corps

Major General William B. Bate

Cleaburne's Division

Brigadier General James A. Smith

Smith's Brigade

Captain J.R. Bonner

Lowry's Brigade

Lieutenant Colonel John F. Smith

Govan's Brigade

Colonel Peter V. Green

Granbury's Brigade

Major William A. Ryan

Bate's Division

Colonel Daniel L. Kenan (wounded)

Tyler's Brigade

Major William H. Wilkinson (killed March 19th)

Captain Henry Rice

Finley's Brigade

Lieutenant Colonel Elisha Washburn

Brown's Division

Gist's Brigade

Colonel Hume R. Field

Maney's Brigade

Lieutenant Colonel Christopher C. McKinney

Strahl's Brigade

Colonel Carrick W. Heiskell

Vaughan's Brigade

Colonel William P. Bishop

Lee's Corps

Major General Daniel H. Hill

Stevenson's Division

Major General Carter L. Stevenson

Cumming's Brigade

Colonel Robert J. Henderson

Pettus's Brigade

Brigadier General Edmund W. Petus (wounded March 19th)

Palmer's Brigade

Brigadier General Joseph B. Palmer

Hill's Division

Colonel John G. Coltart

Deas's Brigade

Colonel Harry T. Toulmin

Manigault's Brigade

Lieutenant Colonel John C. Carter

Clayton's Division

Major General Henry D. Clayton

Stovall's Brigade

Colonel Henry C. Kellogg

Baker's Brigade

Brigadier General Alpheus Baker

Jackson's Brigade

Colonel Osceola Kyle

Stewart's Corps

Major General William W. Loring

Loring's Division

Colonel James Jackson

Featherston's Brigade

Major Martin A. Oatis

Lowry's Brigade

Lieutenant Colonel Robart J. Lawrence

Scott's Brigade

Captain John A. Dixon

Walthall's Division

Major General Edward G. Walthall

Quarles's Brigade

Brigadier General George D. Johnston

Reynold's Brigade

Brigadier General Daniel H. Reynolds (wounded March 19th)

Colonel Henry G. Bunn

Department of North Carolina

General Braxton Bragg

Hoke's Division

Major General Robert F. Hoke

Clingman's Brigade

Colonel William S. Devane (wounded March 20th)

Colquitt's Brigade

Colonel Charles T. Zachry

Hagood's Brigade

Brigadier General Johnson Hagood

Kirkland's Brigade

Brigadier General William W. Kirkland

Jackson's Brigade

Colonel George Jackson

First Briade, North Carolina Junior Reserves

Colonel John H. Nethercutt


Lieutenant Colonel Joseph B. Starr

Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida

Lieutenant General William J. Hardee

Department staff

McLaws's Division

Major General Lafayette McLaws

Conner's Brigade

Brigaider General John D. Kennedy

Harrison's Brigade

Colonel George P. Harrison, Jr.

Fiser's Brigade

Colonel John C. Fiser

Hardy's Brigade

Colonel Washington M. Hardy

Blanchard's Brigade

Brigadier General Albert G. Blanchard

Taliafero's Division

Brigaider General William B. Taliaferro

Rhett's Brigade

Colonel William Butler

Elliott's Brigade

Brigadier General Stephen Elliott, Jr.


Lieutenant General Wad Hampton

Butler's Division

Major General Matthew C. Butler (became ill March 20th)

Brigadier General Evander M. Law

Butler's Brigade

Brigadier General Evander M. Law

Brigadier General Thomas M. Logan

Young's Brigade

Colonel Gilbert J. Wright

Horse Artillery

Wheeler's Corps

Major General Joseph Wheeler

Humes's Division

Colonel Henry M. Ashby

Ashby's Brigade

Lieutenant Colonel James H. Lewis

Harrison's Brigade

Colonel Baxter Smith

Dibrell's Division

Brigadier General George G. Dibrell

Dibrell's Brigade

Brigadier General William S. McLemore

Lewis's Brigade

Colonel William C.P. Breckinridge

Allen's Division

Brigadier General William W. Allen

Anderson's Brigade

Brigadier General Robert H. Anderson

Hagan's Brigade

Lieutenant Colonel D.G. White

Military Division of the Mississippi

Major General William T. Sherman

Headquaters units

Right Wing

Major General Oliver O. Howard


XV Corps

Major General John A. Logan

First Division

Major General Charles R. Woods

First Brigade

Brigadier General William B. Woods

Second Brigade

Colonel Robert F. Catterson

Third Brigade

Colonel George A. Stone

Second Division

Major General William B. Hazan

First Brigade

Colonel Theodore Jones

Second Brigade

Colonel Wells S. Jones

Third Brigade

Brigadier General John M. Oliver

Third Division

Major General John E. Smith

First Brigade

Brigadier General William T. Clark

Second Brigade

Colonel Clark R. Wever

Fourth Division

Major General John M. Corse

First Brigade

Brigadier General Elliott W. Rice

Second Brigade

Colonel Robert N. Adams

Third Brigade

Lieutenant Colonel Frederick J. Hurlbut

Unassigned units

Artillery Brigade

Lieutenant Colonel William H. Ross

Unassaigned units

XVII Corps

Major General Frank P. Blair, Jr.


First Division

Major General Joseph A. Mower

First Brigade

Brigadier General John W. Fuller

Second Brigade

Colonel Milton Montgomery

Third Brigade

Colonel John Tillson

Third Division

Brigadier General Manning F. Force

Provost Guard

First Brigade

Colonel Cassius Fairchild

Second Brigade

Colonel Greenberry F. Wiles

Fourth Division

Major General Giles A. Smith

First Brigade

Brigadier General Benjamin F. Potts

Third Brigade

Brigadier General William W. Belknap


Unassigned units

Left Wing

Major General Henry W. Slocum


XIV Corps

Brevet Major General Jefferson C. Davis

First Division

Brigadier General William P. Carlin

First Brigade

Brigadier General Harrison C. Hobart

Second Brigade

Brigadier General George P. Buell

Third Brigade

Lieutenant Colonel David Miles (wounded March 19th)

Second Division

Brigadier General James D. Morgan

First Brigade

Brigadier General William Vandever

Second Brigade

Brigadier General John G. Mitchell

Third Brigade

Brigadier General Benjamin D. Fearing (wounded March 19th)

Lieutenant Colonel James W. Lanley

Third Division

Major General Absalom Baird

First Brigade

Colonel Morton C. Hunter

Second Brigade

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Doan

Third Brigade

Colonel George P. Este


XX Corps

Major General Alpheus S. Williams


First Division

Brigadier General Nathaniel J. Jackson

First Brigade

Colonel James L. Selfridge

Second Brigade

Colonel William Hawley

Third Brigade

Brigadier General James S. Robinson

Second Division

Major General John W. Geary

First Brigade

Brigadier General Ario Pardee, Jr.

Second Brigade

Colonel George W. Mindil

Third Brigade

Brigadier General Henry A. Barnum

Third Division

Major General William T. Ward

First Brigade

Colonel Henry Case

Second Brigade

Colonel Daniel Dustin

Third Brigade

Brigadier General William Cogswell


Major John A. Reynolds


3rd Cavaly Division

Major Geneal Judson Kilpatrick

1st Brigade

Colonel Thomas J. Jordon

2nd Brigade

Brigadier General Smith D. Atkins

3rd Brigade

Colonel George E. Spencer

4th Brigade

Lieutenant Colonel William B. Way